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Friday, February 15th, 2013 07:15 pm

Would you like to talk to Trever, leave a message here!

Information about Trever, his world and his family

Permission's Post

Ten-Forward App

ACeilidh McCallum versus the Super Evil Fairy Lady A short story involving Trever's family.

What Every Girl Wants A drabble with Trever.
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Monday, October 12th, 2015 04:26 pm
NAME Trever Daly
CANONDawn of the Old Gods (OC)
AGE 25ish
HOMEWORLD Earth, Eire.
SPECIES McCallum (Human)
HEIGHT round about 6'2"
BUILD Lanky but definitely someone who works out.
BEARINGEnergetic, as if waiting to be attacked.
HAIR McCallum Red
EYES McCallum Green
Distinguishing Features

FACIAL Pale with a bunch of freckles.

ACCENT County Cork. Very County Cork

MISCELLANY has a teleporting cat familiar


Magical Abilities

Animal Speaking Trever is able to speak and be understood by animals and understand them.

Premonitions These are premonitions that he has while dreaming. The sort that he ends up writing down in a book while asleep (or whatever available surface might be around).

Hero's Luck This is the sort of luck that a person has that lets them get out of a scrape in the knick of time - a good example being Indiana Jones being able to just get under the closing door out from the trap and grab his hat as well. Or just being able to leap across the building. Or having a bullet just miss killing him. This, however, only tends to kick in when he’s protecting people - or being heroic as it’s hero’s luck. So, if he’s doing something maliciously it’s not likely going to work.

Land Ties He has a “land sense” which is tied explicitly to his world. It’s his magical connection to Eire because of being one of the royal family. (This is highly unlikely to come into play at any point)

Veena Veena is an ordinary black cat that teleports. Scans from Trever’s world both magical and mundane have come back with ‘ordinary house cat’. There is nothing about her make-up that indicates that she can teleport as far as Trever and folks from their world can tell. Being Trever’s familiar she’s slightly smarter than your average cat, but she’s only slightly smarter. Trever can use her to gather information about things as she can see something and report back to him. In regards to her teleportation she can generally teleport through anything - no wards in Trever’s world have managed to keep her out or in - and she can teleport out about 45 - 50 feet at a time.

Permissions notes on Magic As Trever’s magic is very tied to his world, and through that Veena’s. As such it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that when dealing with creatures not from his world they won’t work as well or at all. However, I do request that any sort of detecting on Veena stay within the range of “she’s a normal house cat that somehow teleports and I have no idea why”. This discrepancy is an important aspect of her being a familiar in Trever’s world

FIGHTING Yes. He's likely to pick a fight as well.
MIND CONTROL Yes, but discuss first
INJURING Yes - but discuss first.
McCallum Quirks
Trever is not exactly someone who is naturally violent so much as someone who sees violence as a perfectly logical solution to many problems. It’s a bit of a blind spot in his way of thinking. He doesn’t see what’s wrong with carrying a weapon everywhere, or multiple ones. He gets that other people don’t do it, but he doesn’t really understand why. He’s currently learning the concept that real diplomacy doesn’t involve leaving someone alive with a broken leg as opposed to killing them and putting their head on a pike.

He doesn’t do random violence but he sees nothing wrong with hunting down someone who has been killing people and putting them down so they can’t hurt others. It’s this idea of making sure someone can’t hurt others that’s a driving force of his way of thinking. He must protect other people from harm, even if it means getting hurt or killed himself or someone else getting hurt or killed.

Obviously something like this will be needed to be discussed before any actions take place. Please feel free to leave a comment or message me so that such discussions can be made about what might happen in a possible combat situation.

Other Note of Import
Trever is Kale Daly’s ([personal profile] engineermage ) identical twin brother and in any situation where the two of them are together they will be sharing information. This information sharing also includes their uncle Rory McCallum [personal profile] crowschild if he is also involved in such a situation. Ceilidh McCallum [personal profile] princessstabbity is Trever’s little cousin however they won’t be sharing information with her because she’s five and a blabbermouth. However she might tell them things in long expansive rambling stories. If you don't want Trever sharing things with others please let him know In Character.
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Saturday, May 7th, 2016 10:10 pm
Fairy was notoriously, if erratically, porous. There could be an entrance that opened up only once every seven hundred years when the moon hit it for five seconds or a portal that would only open on the third blue moon of a year if it happened five weeks after the summer solstice. Really, sometimes it seemed like the portals were created by really bored fairies.

Where Trever was intending on going: to the local pub.

However he crossed over where a fairy tree used to be. The tree hadn't been there for several hundred years, but the road still went around it. Just in case the fairy came back and got pissed off that the tree had a road through it. (Just because the tree wasn't there physically didn't mean it wasn't still there.) However, that didn't stop people from occasionally crossing the grassy area.

Apparently the portal on that area would open for a prince of the realm when crossing the area on the first new moon after winter's eve. Obviously not something Trever could ever know.

Obviously ... well someone had to know but they were probably long dead or it was hidden in an obscure book somewhere. It's hard to say.

Long story short: Trever stumbled through a portal that opened up just for him and Veena.

Much to his continuing surprise, they ended up in another city altogether. He had about a half a second to take all of this in before the entire world up ended on him, twisting things around. Something had been cut from him... he didn't know what. He couldn't sense... something. The land... he couldn't sense Eire... it was gone...?

Disorientated he stumbled into a tree and into the hazy sunlight feeling like he was going to throw up.

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Monday, March 28th, 2016 04:09 pm
It was one of those cats on the keyboard moments, literally as Destroyer of My Enemy's Hopes pranced across the keyboard of the view screen in Trever's room and it turned on revealing a man who looked somewhat like Trever. They had the same nose and hair, and an almost similar shape of face but he had brown hair and brown eyes as opposed to Trever's vivid red and green. The man gave a gasping noise causing Trever to turn around and stare.




"Trev? Da?!"

"Kale? For Brigid's sake, what's going on?" said their father, King Calvin Daly stared at his two youngest children. From what it looked like he was inside the royal jet and their mum wasn't around.

The twins glanced at each other and then Trever said, "Well... da, that's an interesting story... It's a good thing you're sitting down."

It took them about a half hour to explain what happened and what they'd been doing. Their father just listening to them quietly and without interrupting them.

"Well," Calvin said finally. Because what else could be said. Then, "It seems like you two are doing the best you can. And you've given us at least a little bit of a location to try and find you and bring you home."

"We wouldn't think anything else," Kale said. Veena jumped into view and raised a paw to scratch at the screen.

"We couldn't do anything else," Trever added, moving Veena out of the way.

Their father filled them in with the family news and the rest of things. A lot of resources had been scrambled to try and find them. They'd gone deep into fairy, questioned things, gods... and had come up with nothing. At the same time Annie had won her latest gymnastics competition and Uncle Finn had picked up a boyfriend. Stupid nonsense things. They didn't talk about anything that could be used against them or could be considered secrets.

One never knew when someone might be listening. Their father would only tell the family -those who wouldn't blab it out because they were youngesters - as well as Rhys and the others of the DMC so they could focus on trying to rescue them. Adrian was one of the leading experts of portal theory as well as the cosmic web.
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Thursday, April 30th, 2015 09:55 pm
Your name or online alias: Kippur
Your email:
Another preferred means of contact: kippurbirdy on Aim
Character's Full Name: Trever Ethan Christopher Daly
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] reincarnshaman
What would you like your character's tag to be?: Trever Daly

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Thursday, April 30th, 2015 09:42 pm
Trever's Magical abilities Trever has the ability to speak to any animal and be understood by them and understand what they say. He's also a semi-competent ritual mage, though it's easier for him to do rituals with books. ecause he is and was raised a McCallum Trever also has what could be known as Hero’s Luck. It’s that Thing that lets a hero get away with things by the skin of their teeth. Just making it out of the collapsing building. Just managing to complete the spell in time. Just managing to get to the location of Doom to stop the Evil Dude. However it only works when he’s doing something to protect people.

Veena Veena is Trever's black cat familiar. She is capable of teleporting. Other than that she's a perfectly ordinary house cat. No matter what scans are done on her, she reads as a perfectly normal short haired house cat. She has six kittens who can also teleport. One of them can also breathe under water and swim and another one that can eat anything. Absolutely anything. His favorite food is magic.

Trever's world

Trever comes from an earth where magic is everyday and known. Everyone has a tiny spark of magic. Gods walk the world and because of this and society has developed quite differently. Perhaps the biggest difference is the lack of Judaism and its descendents, Christianity and Islam. The religions never formed because why believe in a god that doesn’t physically exist when its obvious that there are gods that do. Something happened many years ago that caused a weakening of the gods power. Some say it was humanity’s realization that they didn’t need the gods for everything, like in the Industrial Revolution, or at least their priests. Others say that it’s part of the natural way of things. The gods are fading, its past their time.

The world has integrated magic into its everyday life. There is no difference between science and magic for them.Technology works because of magic. Doctors have the ability to help people through the study of medicine and in some cases the ability to heal people themselves. Ritual mages test the known bounds of magic while physicists test the known bounds of physics. Dragons write romance novels and gods run multinational businesses. There’s television, movies, computers and all the modern conveniences. There’s just little differences, things like necromancy being a course of study, Ireland - Eire - still being run by a king, the center of Germany being destroyed in a magical incident that destabilized ley lines and made it nearly impossible for magic to work properly there and Lord of the Rings is a historical fiction novel while Twilight is considered to be a very strange science fiction romance series.

Because of the physical nature of the gods, colonialism wasn’t as strong in this world as it is was in others. It’s hard for a person, several thousand miles away from their own homeland and gods, to confront people who have their gods standing right next to them and win.

Currently some of the gods protest this fading and are slowly trying to rebuild their base of power to return to the days of old when they were truly more like forces of nature.

The Family & Trever's History )
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Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 05:12 pm
Trever cleaned up nice.

Strange but true.

When he really needed to he could get rid of the cat fuzz and feathers. And since this was an event where he had to be Prince Trever Ethan Christopher Daly that's what he did. His mother's side of the family wasn't invited to the party. Two almost international incidents were enough that his father said no more. Almost every single McCallum gave a sigh of relief. The event was a party to welcome the French ambassador to Ireland. There would be snails, he was told.

Needing a date, of course Trever invited Siobhan. She was normal and quiet and lovely and perfect and ... it would be her first time at one of these things. So, he promised to pick her up. And there he was, outside her door in a fancy suit and a limo waiting behind him to sweep them off to the ball at the palace feeling like a teenager once again.
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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 09:43 am
Player Info:

Name: Kippur
Age: 34
Contact: Plurk: Kippur, AIM Kippurbirdy, (plurk, AIM, DW, email, etc)
Player Journal: [personal profile] kippurbird
Reservation Link: (if applicable)

Character Info:

Full Name Trever Ethan Christopher Daly (McCallum, see history)
Age: 33
Please describe your OC's universe of origin: Link here.
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Saturday, September 11th, 2010 12:25 pm
Under a symphony sky, we were strangers,
Strangers and lovers, your skin seeking mine

The Player

User Name/Nick: Kippur
User LJ: [ profile] kippurbird
AIM/IM: kippurbirdy
Other Characters: N/A

The Character
Character Name: Trever Delvar
Character Journal: [ profile] reincarnshaman
Canon: OC (well, part of Death God Rising an in progress novel so there is a canon)
Age: 25
From When?: Right after he meets, in person, and talks to one Ash Engle-Son, a rogue god of the moon who tried to regain his powers via a Ritual that would wipe out most of the western United States. Trever encounters Ash in time to stop the ritual (along with the rest of the Department of Magical Crimes and Mischief Department of the FBI). The impact point happened when Ash saw Trever and exclaimed, "You! I looked for you!" Whereupon Trever said, "I just met you." This caused enough of a distraction to capture Ash.

It turns out that Ash believes that Trever is the reincarnation of his lost lover. One that he has followed and searched for after every incarnation dies. Something, rightly so, that disturbs Trever. For he does feel a twinge of something between the two of them, he just doesn't understand it, or its implications. The change point then would be Trever's acceptance or denial of this revelation. In canon he denies it.

Abilities/Powers: Trever has an advanced degree in magical creature biology and is the team's creature expert. He has gone through traditional FBI training, which leaves him a better than average marksman with a pistol. He's also fully knowledgeable about law enforcement at least in the United States. Finally he's a trained pilot for all airplanes personal jets and smaller. He can't fly a jumbo jet. He has a 'knack' with animals. They don't see him as threatening and he is capable of handling most non-intelligent animals. He can do some rituals that allow him a deeper connection to the wild life in the area and he can sense ley lines. Perhaps the most obvious sign of his powers is his familiar, Veena. She is a black cat with gold eyes, highly intelligent, for a cat, and can teleport.

Power Limitations: I think that his powers are limited enough that they're not needed.

Inventory An FBI jacket, FBI baseball cap, jeans, t-shirt, steel toe boots. A regulation pistol: Glock 22 Pistol (.40 cal, FBI badge. Wallet with fourteen dollars cash. iPod, fully charged, iPhone; fully charged. A duffel bag with a towel, change of clothes, sneakers, a granola bar, Griffins; a domestication history, Magical Creatures Journal issue #570, cat treats, catnip mouse. He also has Veena, his cat familiar.


Trever likes animals of all sorts and doesn't think that they're dangerous. Even the really big scary ones with fangs and drooling poison. He's fairly easy going in most ways, except when it comes to animals. Then he gets a bit gooey unless someone is trying to hurt them then he gets upset and will do what he needs to do to stop them. In many ways he feels more comfortable with animals than with people. He’s not the sort that glorifies animals and puts them on pedestals, saying that they’re better than humanity nor does he feel that they’re just stupid animals. He feels that they are creatures, without anything mystically special about them, even those like unicorns and dragons. He knows that like anything else they can be dangerous and safe at different times all from the same creature, just like anything else in the wild, anything else in the world. Instead, he’ll say, humans are probably more like animals than people would like to think. He treats them fairly the same, which probably annoys a lot of people.

On the people side, the one person he really depends on his twin brother, Kale. They've almost always done everything together. Admittedly they're quite different, but they're still twins and still close. Between the two of them, Trever was the more impulsive one. Kale liked making plans and setting traps. Trever was for going out there and ‘killing them all’ before anyone knew what hit them. He liked bold strokes without much thinking. “It seemed like a good idea at the time” is a sentence that came often from his mouth. The fact that a lot of times the good idea actually turned out to work never helped matters any. Instead it just encouraged him.

He’s never really known fear either. He doesn’t plan. He doesn’t need to. It’ll all work out in the end and he’s not going to die. At least this is how he operates. It’s almost instinctive, but not in the knowing how things are going to go sort of instinct that would indicate the ability to tell the future so much as knowing exactly when to pounce on the prey or when to get out of the predator’s way.

With other people, he tends to come off a bit like an Irish man who loves his drink and gambling. And drinking. And potatoes. And lamb. He likes lamb and potatoes and beer. While gambling. Beer and Ale, he fully asserts, should not be drunken cold. That is an abomination. He has his own stock of drinks from his mother’s brewery and none of the nasty American Stuff, which only gets to be called alcohol because you get inebriated. Except, you have to drink a lot of it to get drunk, so it’s not really worth it, now is it?

Don’t even try to get him to drink non-Irish Whiskey. That’s asking for a fight.

At least his accent isn’t completely incomprehensible and he’s down right charming too. Women also love the cat, which he uses to good effect. Veena doesn’t mind being used so shamelessly because it gets her plenty of attention. It’s a team effort.

In fact, he works best in team situations, lending support to others, either with fire power or animal power. His connection to wildlife has left him very alert. It’s not a magical sense so much as finely honed training used to dealing with animals that have different body language needs. Trever, despite the love for drinking and gambling and having a good time, will drop whatever he’s doing for the job.

Whatever the job might be, if it’s saving a girl from a prick, rescuing hippogriph chicks from a dog or taking out a movie theater full of zombies, he’ll drop what he’s doing. Then if, possible, pick it right back up as if nothing went wrong in the first place.

Despite being rather charming and good with girls, he’s never found a girlfriend that’s the One, but he’s had his own ups and downs on relationships. Currently he’s dating a girl named Trudy, a vet he met while taking Veena for her yearly check up. However, meeting Ash, however, has made him feel extremely uncomfortable in the relationship department. He has weird dreams about the man on occasion, which are more sexual than he would like them to be. Likely this will cause a lot of sleepless nights. Especially since he's not sure how truthful Ash has been. The man is a god after all and used to getting his own way in most situations. While the idea of having a devoted lover like Ash who would search for him over the world over the generations is semi-tempting, in a romantic movie idea, Trever is quite certain that he doesn’t want someone who was willing to kill off the Western United States just to regain power. There is devotion and there is devotion. Ash has the wrong, creepy sort of devotion.

Generally speaking, Trever has lived a rather happy and care-free life. He has good relations with his family who enjoys being with, in moderate amounts. He loves traveling, which being with the DMCM allows him to do. He’s also able to be with Kale and not feel like they’re being doubled up, or used for the same person. Each of them has their unique skill sets that they take to Rhys’ team. He really likes his teammates, his familiar, his girlfriend. He makes good money right out of school and for now he can’t think of anything else he could want in life.

(Except maybe Ash.)

(Or not. He doesn’t want Ash.)


Trever and his twin brother Kale were born to Irish citizens in the United States during a diplomatic mission in the United States. No one is sure exactly who was born first, as they’re completely identical, down to the last freckle. This gave them dual citizenship in both countries, which has become useful down the line. They, however, grew up on the outskirts of Cork, Ireland on a farm. Though going into the city tended to sometimes be wrought with danger as Soldiers, their mother, and diplomats, their father were constant terrorist targets. This is one of the reasons why they lived on the farm, it was easier for their mother to place protections as she was an expert war mage, and at the same time still give them freedom to explore the wilds.

When they weren’t attending to their farm duties, Trever and Kale (for they did almost everything together) would wander the woods. Even then Trever had an affinity for animal life. When he was seven he managed to stop one of the few remaining wild wyverns from attacking the farm’s sheep population and calm it down enough that scientists were able to take it into custody.

His life didn’t get really interesting until he attended university in the United States. He and Kale attended the same school together, Trever majoring in mystical animal biology and Kale in magical engineering. One night, during a particularly nasty sudden rain storm he found and rescued a tiny black kitten from the gutters. The little kitten was fine mostly, just young enough to have been weaned, but a bit underfed. While his and Kale’s apartment didn’t allow for pets, he still kept them, at least temporarily while he found homes for them. He planned to do the same for the kitten. The kitten had other ideas.

Trever started to realize this the first moments he brought it home. When he put it in the cage they had for animals, he discovered that the kitten could teleport. No matter what he did that night, the kitten would return to his pillow. When he took the kitten to one of his professors, they couldn’t figure out what sort of cat she - the kitten - was and eventually settled on maybe fairy cat. A fairy cat that had adopted Trever. And she truly had. No matter how hard he tried, Trever couldn’t adopt her out. She always returned to him with in minutes of leaving her at her new home. Her teleporting range not being very far at the time. Eventually he realized that she’d become his familiar and that he had enough magical talent to become an animal Shaman of decent power. The kitten, he named Veena.

This changed his school curriculum greatly as he had to find a teacher to help him with his new found realization and career path to follow. He found one in Sir Robert Bottleworth, a visiting professor from Oxford University in England. There was some initial tension because Bottleworth did not wish to teach the young Irish man, not thinking they were worthwhile. But Trever’s talents and hard work, plus talking down a cougar from a tree and getting it to come with him peacefully when Bottleworth couldn’t, slowly changed the professor’s mind. (Of course, the professor said at the time, it could just be that Trever had an affinity for cats, after all look at his familiar.) With the professor’s training, Trever was able to gain a greater connection to the world around him through his understanding and sensing of the natural rhythms of animal life.

He could, for example, become aware of an unnaturally introduced predator into an area by being able to sense the lack of prey animals in the ‘weave’ of the food web. He can then help discern what needs to be done or at least be pointed in the right direction.

After graduating with two majors now, animal biology and the shaman magics, he and Kale were tapped by Rhys Owens of the FBI’s Department of Magical Crimes and Mischief. Rhys is one of the more powerful wizards of their times. Just about two thousand years old, he is one of the few wizards that has refused membership onto the ruling Circle and has gotten away with it. (Likely though it’s because he was briefly the lover of the leader’s brother which garnered him some leeway. Or he’s just that bad ass. It all depends on who you speak to).

While it would be nice to say that Trever excelled in the FBI training as some sort of genius, the truth would be that he was in top 10% of his class, but nothing exemplary. Kale actually did better in this respect than he did. This was enough to get him into Rhys’ department, which is what mattered.

His first case involved a series of ritual murders in the middle of the Midwest, running North and South down the continent. It is this case that introduces him to Ash. They learn that they ritual murders were to create a boundary that would protect the rest of North America from the blight that was eating its way through the land from the west coast and shifting ley lines causing massive damage. It was Ash who was causing the damage to gain enough power to regain his lost godly powers.

The DMCM track him down to Los Angeles and the Getty Center where the ritual was taking place using a series of portals to funnel the energy. Agent Adrain managed to shut off the portals, but it was Ash’s spotting of Trever that really turned the tide as it distracted the god enough to be captured.

And this is where some backing up is required.

See, Ash is right. Trever is his reincarnated lover. Six thousand years ago Ash, in the prime of his godhood, received a red haired slave called Tav who, with a twin brother Kallen, were found shipwrecked off the coast of modern day Egypt and brought to Ash’s city to be sold. Ash fell in love with the exotic Tav and added him to his harem. Soon Tav became his favorite and eventually Tav returned his affection and love.

When Tav died of old age, Ash went to his brother - the god of the dead- and demanded that he return his lover to life. His brother couldn’t do that, but was able to make a bargain. Tav would be reincarnated, but Ash wouldn’t know where and Tav wouldn’t remember his past lives. Ash would have to convince him all over again of their love. Which Ash did. For centuries. Trever is simply the latest incarnation. (Yes, and Kale is simply the latest incarnation of Kallen). As Ash had a 90% success rate over the centuries in finding and convincing Trever of their relationship, his soul has come to yearn Ash even if his mind and memories do not.

This yearning is what drove Trever to go and speak to Ash after he was contained. He needed to know why he felt this connection. Unfortunately, in some respects, as soon as the two of them were in touching distance Ash tackled him and started making out. Trever pushed him away in shock. Probably a good thing because having sex in a FBI interrogation room when people are behind the one way mirror is never a good thing.

And it is just after this point that Trever finds his way into the woods.

First Person Sample: [5-10 Sentences]

The video screen turns on and all that is visible is the sky for a moment before a cat’s paw smacks at it and then the cat’s nose replaces the paw.

Veena? What’s that you’ve got there?

The journal is lifted up and a red haired, freckled human face appears.

Huh. It looks like some sort of transmitting and recording device. Definitely something Kale would know better than I.


I know he’s not here. Well then. Since you seem to be transmitting. This is Special Agent Trever Delvar of the Department of Magical Crimes and Mischief. Even if you’re fairy folk who did this, you have abducted a federal agent and that is a crime against the United States Government. When I am found, and I will be found, you are in deep shit my friends.

Prose Sample:

Idly, Trever tossed the catnip mouse at Veena as he slouched in the waiting room seat. The cat snatched it in mid air and then tumbled to the ground, kicking it with her back feet as if it was the most offensive thing in the universe and it Must Die. He didn’t know why he decided to ask permission to speak to Ash. He’d only met the man - well he’d never met the man to be exact. Theo had more rights to speak to him than he did, as Ash was his uncle.

That was an embarrassing scandal. Poor Theo had been put on temporary leave with out pay until they could prove that he had nothing to do with his uncle’s work. Rhys was appealing.

The rest of the team was out cleaning up the Getty Center site so that the museum could be reopened as soon as possible. Not having any particularly useful skills in that area - perhaps a lie on his part -he said he’d go and talk to Ash and see if he could get anything out of him. What he wanted to get out of Ash had nothing to do with their investigation.

In his mind, echoing, he could see the desperate longing surprise of the god as their eyes met.

“Where were you?”

“I just found you.”

Why did his heart ache in ecstasy as he said those words? That is what he wanted to ask Ash.

The door opened and a police officer entered. “Agent Delvar? He’s ready to see you now.”

“Thank you.” He stood up from the chair and gestured to Veena. She vanished from her spot under a chair and reappeared on his shoulder, the catnip mouse in her mouth. “I think I’m ready to see him now too.”

Special Notes:

This is in regards to Veena, his familiar. Veena is a black cat with golden eyes of average size and weight. She is un-spayed - which causes fun problems later on in the book. Her most distinguishing feature is her ability to teleport. It’s not that far, the furthest that she’s ever teleported as far as Trever knows is about one hundred feet. Just enough to get out of reach of someone who is trying to get a hold of her. He has yet to find any sort of ward that prevents her from teleporting and all experts that he’s talked to are completely mystified as to how she can do it. General consensus seems to be that she is partly a fairy cat.

Personality wise, she is highly intelligent for a cat. She’s a good judge of character and can tell when something funky is about to happen, such as an earthquake. But generally she acts as any cat would do. Sitting on books that people are trying to read, finding that one person that hates cats and completely loving them, hairball hacking in shoes and waking up her human at an ungodly hour because OHMIGAWD SHE HASN’T BEEN FED IN SIX HOURS CLEARLY SHE IS ON THE VERGE OF STARVATION AND MUST BE GIVEN FOOD LEAST SHE DIE RIGHT THEN!!!

World Information