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It was one of those cats on the keyboard moments, literally as Destroyer of My Enemy's Hopes pranced across the keyboard of the view screen in Trever's room and it turned on revealing a man who looked somewhat like Trever. They had the same nose and hair, and an almost similar shape of face but he had brown hair and brown eyes as opposed to Trever's vivid red and green. The man gave a gasping noise causing Trever to turn around and stare.




"Trev? Da?!"

"Kale? For Brigid's sake, what's going on?" said their father, King Calvin Daly stared at his two youngest children. From what it looked like he was inside the royal jet and their mum wasn't around.

The twins glanced at each other and then Trever said, "Well... da, that's an interesting story... It's a good thing you're sitting down."

It took them about a half hour to explain what happened and what they'd been doing. Their father just listening to them quietly and without interrupting them.

"Well," Calvin said finally. Because what else could be said. Then, "It seems like you two are doing the best you can. And you've given us at least a little bit of a location to try and find you and bring you home."

"We wouldn't think anything else," Kale said. Veena jumped into view and raised a paw to scratch at the screen.

"We couldn't do anything else," Trever added, moving Veena out of the way.

Their father filled them in with the family news and the rest of things. A lot of resources had been scrambled to try and find them. They'd gone deep into fairy, questioned things, gods... and had come up with nothing. At the same time Annie had won her latest gymnastics competition and Uncle Finn had picked up a boyfriend. Stupid nonsense things. They didn't talk about anything that could be used against them or could be considered secrets.

One never knew when someone might be listening. Their father would only tell the family -those who wouldn't blab it out because they were youngesters - as well as Rhys and the others of the DMC so they could focus on trying to rescue them. Adrian was one of the leading experts of portal theory as well as the cosmic web.